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Esprit 40th - Comète 40th

Enceintes Bibliothèques Hi-Fi

Sale price1.500 € the pair
Color:Santos Rosewood
High-Fidelity Passive Speaker
Rooms from 10 to 35m²
Magesium Horn Tweeter
16cm (6") Natural Cellulose Midwoofer
Power Handling 90 W
Recommended Amp Power: 25 - 130 Watts (8ohms)
Single Terminal Block

Hi-Fi Bookshelf Speaker - 40th Anniversary Comète

The Comète bookshelf speaker has seduced generations of audiophiles with its spacious sound and incredible delivery of lower frequencies. This 40th Anniversary Edition follows the same principles and benefits from the latest optimizations of the Antal model.

It features new rose gold anodized magnesium dome tweeter, offering high efficiency and controlled distortion. Magnesium combines two desired qualities: lightness and rigidity. It also has a new midrange/bass driver in natural cellulose paper, this time with an engine and suspensions adapted for a wider spectrum of sound. Clarity, details of the vocal range, and incredible delivery of lower frequencies are its main qualities.

Each speaker integrates an accessory kit with various adaptable spikes to be used depending on your flooring. They enable decoupling by eliminating unwanted vibrations; so only the sound quality remains.
The 40th Anniversary Edition has been designed and developed with thoroughness to offer you an exceptional music experience. With its dedicated speaker stand, the S04 40th Anniversary, this speaker will be perfect for rooms smaller than 25m2.




French Craftsmanship

For the past 40 years, TRIANGLE has been designing and assembling its prestigious speakers in our workshop in Soissons. The team of engineers is working closely with production, thus ensuring unparalleled manufacturing quality and compliance with very precise and detailed specifications.

TRIANGLE’s traditional craftsmanship is based on our employees’ long experience, some of whom have been with the company for more than 35 years. The different components are controlled and carefully assembled, to achieve the utmost finish and acoustic quality.

Each speaker is subject to strict acoustic controls. Measurements in an anechoic chamber and a numbered certificate of authenticity ensure the uniqueness of the loudspeakers produced in the factory.

ESPRIT 40th Technology


Magnesium Dome

The unprecedented use of a composite dome in rose gold anodized magnesium, offers the tweeter high efficiency, controlled distortion, and excellent directivity. Magnesium combines two desired qualities: lightness and rigidity.

Midrange in cellulose paper membrane

The material made out of 100% natural cellulose paper is a paper fiber without any surface treatment, supplying a natural sound without coloration.

New generation Woofer

Providing significant performance upgrade, the Antal 40th Anniversary incorporates a new generation of bass drivers for high impact and musicality. The membrane is a unique composition of two types of wood pulp coupled with flax combined with carbon fiber, limiting distortion despite its long throw. The driver has a generously sized engine, ensuring excellent control and great sharpness.

New finishes


Three new shades of wood add undeniable elegance to this 40th Anniversary Edition. The various tints and wood grains of the Santos rosewood are enhanced by a glossy finish for a unique look with enchanting reflections. The blond Sycamore shade seduces by its elegance and serenity. Adorned with a single layer of mat varnish, the material and nature of the wood take center stage. And the golden oak is authentic and slightly honey-colored wood.

A subtle rose gold anodization of the speaker’s trim rings completes this limited edition.

A noble & unique product, reflecting the quality of TRIANGLE.

Dedicated Speaker Stands

Optimized acoustic seal

The S04 40th Anniversary speaker stand will be perfect for the Comète 40th speakers. The speaker can be screwed to the stand for more rigidity, decoupling will then be done at the base, following the same principle as the Antal 40th.

The stand can also be filled to better absorb vibrations. It includes cable routing at the rear for harmonious and discreet integration.


Two sets of decoupling spikes: the first one in rose gold aluminum, adjustable in height and provided with lock nuts for surfaces like carpets, and the second one in rubber for more rigid surfaces.

These accessories enable decoupling by significantly reducing the transmission of unwanted vibrations to the floor, thus improving the listening experience.




The intelligibility of the voice as well as that of the interventions of the soloists takes on a most convincing nature here. We are transported into the work, and considering the price, this is a performance

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The symphonic recordings thus take their ease and generously distribute the music stands and instrumental groups. And as the bass can reach low frequencies without wavering, it contributes to this impression of stereophonic breadth of three-dimensional listening.

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When listening to Antal 40th, the first sensation is to feel “life in a big way”. While the price remains reasonable, we find ourselves transported into a sound universe that evokes models with otherwise sharp ambition.

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